S2 Level 3 Home Economics

Pupils are introduced to health and food technology in S2 and have 2 periods a week for the year.  The course focuses on the relevant methods to implement the philosophy underpinning Third Level Home Economics.  It addresses CfE in a thoroughly practical way that makes learning both engaging and fun.

The topics covered are: –

  • Safety and hygiene
  • Using small equipmemt
  • Practical skills and techniques
  • Cookery processes
  • The eat well plate
  • Scottish dietary targets
  • The nutrients
  • Dietary needs of different groups
  • Dietary related disorders
  • Factors affecting food choice
  • Packaging and food labelling
  • Safe buying, storage, preparation and storage of food
  • Choosing the right fabrics
  • Design and make
  • Fire safety*
  • Mary’s meals**

* visit from Community Fire Officer to allow pupils to have a greater awareness of the dangers they could face an the actions they should take to stay safe.

** combining World Porridge Day – a visit froma Mary’s Meal’s representative or someone associated with Mary’s Meals.

The course is taught using traditional methods, rich tasks, paired and group learning activities.  The theory is backed up with practical work and the relevance of each topic to everyday life is highlighted in order to help students transfer their skills and knowledge to other areas of their lives.  Literacy and Numeracy are embedded in this course and links with other subject areas are constantly highlighted.