Health and Food Technology: Advanced Higher

Academic Year:- 2016-2017

Aims of Course. To extend learners technological abilities, specialist knowledge and understanding of health and food technology in a way that recognises problem solving, independent study and objective thinking, with a view to helping learners to pursue further studies at University or in employment. Course Content:    The course has two mandatory units.

  • Resource Management – which amounts to around 80 hours study.
  • Practical Research and Dissertation – which amounts to around 40 hours and this forms part of the External Assessment.

Homework: Supported self study forms the basis of most homework at this level although exam type questions will be given out as more knowledge and understanding is acquired. N.B.  All pupils participating in the production of food through any type of practical activity are expected to be responsible for the provision of the appropriate containers to carry food home in.

Assessment:   To gain the course award, you must pass the Unit Assessment as well as the External Assessment. The External Assessment consists of:

  1. DISSERTATION – produced during the Practical Research and Dissertation Unit.  The dissertation covers the outcomes of the 2 units in the course and should be approximately 3500 words.  The topic must be of your own choice from an area of the course content and is worth 100 marks.
  2. Question Paper – worth 75 marks.  This is a 2hour 20minute exam and consists of extended response questions which requires you to: –
  • Apply your knowledge from the course content of Resource management to ‘discuss’ questions.
  • Critically analyse and evaluate information.

Progression Routes Beyond School:

University and Further Study related to Food Sciences / Food Product Development / Dietetics / Human Nutrition / Environmental Health.