Higher Health and Food Technology


Aims of the Course:

  • To analyse the relationships between health, nutrition and food.
  • To develop and apply understanding and skills related to the functional properties of food.
  • To investigate contemporary issues affecting food and consumer choice.
  • To use research, management and technological skills to plan, make and evaluate food products to a range of dietary and lifestyle needs.
  • To prepare food using safe and hygienic practices to meet specific needs.

Course Content:   The course has three mandatory units:-

  • Food for Health – which helps develop knowledge and skills to enable learners to analyse the relationship between health, food and nutrition.
  • Food Product Development – which aims to develop an understanding of the functional properties of ingredients in food and their uses in developing food products.
  • Contemporary Food Issues – which enables investigation of a rang of contemporary food issues and how these issues influence decisions taken by consumers when making food choices.


Various homework tasks are embedded into the course and relate directly to whatever unit of work is being studied at the time.  Homework is an essential component of coursework.  Learners will be encouraged to use initiative, accept responsibility for their learning and develop a positive attitude to independent learning.

N.B.  All pupils participating in the production of food through any type of practical activity are expected to be responsible for the provision of the appropriate containers to carry food home in.


There will be both Unit Assessments and Course Assessments for the coursework.

Unit Assessments – All units are internally assessed against SQA requirements from Unit Specifications.

Course Assessments – Will be by a question paper assessing knowledge and understanding from across the units.

Learners will also be required to develop a product(s) to meet a given brief. This will be open and flexible to allow for personalisation and choice.

Progression Routes within School:

Progression from Higher Health and Food Technology would be to Advanced Higher.

Progression Routes beyond School:

Progression routes beyond school could be to National Progression Awards, Higher National Certificates or further education provision and employment opportunities.