Hospitality: Practical Cookery: National 4 / National 5

Aims of the Course:

  • To use a range of cookery skills, food preparation techniques and cookery processes proficiently when following recipes.
  • To encourage the selection and use of ingredients to produce, garnish or decorate dishes,
  • To develop an understanding of the characteristics of ingredients and their impact on Current Dietary Advice as well as an awareness of their sustainability
  • To plan and produce meals in a safe and hygienic way and present them appropriately.

Course Content:   The course has three mandatory units:

  • Cookery Skills, Techniques and Processes – which helps build up knowledge of a range of cookery skills, food preparation techniques and cookery processes.
  • Understanding and Using Ingredients: – which aims to develop an understanding of ingredients from a variety of sources, their characteristics and how we use them during practical food preparation.
  • Organisational Skills for Cooking:– which gives the opportunity to demonstrate organisational and time management skills through implementing plans to produce meals safely and hygienically.

Homework:  The homework given out will relate directly to whichever unit of work is being studied at that time. The purpose of the homework is:-

  • to help further understanding of the work that is covered in class
  • to help with the planning and organisation process.
  • to allow teachers to see where pupils may have difficulty with planning and organisation of practical work / tasks.

N.B.  All pupils participating in the production of food through any type of practical activity are expected to be responsible for the provision of the appropriate containers to carry food home in.

Assessment:  There will be both Unit Assessment and Course Assessment for the coursework.

Unit Assessment – At the end of each unit each of the Outcomes and Assessment Standards will be assessed relating to the context of that particular unit.

Course Assessment – This is a the practical activity undertaken in controlled conditions.

The practical activity is set by the S Q A. and is worth 100 marks.. It involves planning, producing and serving three given recipes.

At National 4 level an Added Value Unit will also assess practical skills.  This will involve following a given time plan to prepare, cook and serve a two-course meal.

Progression Routes within School:-

  • Progression from National 4 Hospitality: Practical Cookery could be either National 5 level or alternatively Hospitality: Practical Cake Craft (depending on which of these two are being offered in school that year)
  • Progression from National 5 Hospitality: Practical Cookery could be to National 5: Practical Cake Craft