Health and Food Technology: National 4 / National 5.

 Aim of the Course:

  • To develop knowledge and understanding of the links between food, nutrition and health.
  • To understand the importance of having a balanced diet and the various ways of achieving this through following current dietary advice.
  • To develop and understanding of the dietary needs of groups of people and the effect of diet-related conditions on their health.
  • To produce food products linked to each of the study topics through practical activities.

Course Content: The course has three mandatory units:

  • Food for Health – which helps to build up a core knowledge of nutrition.
  • Food Product Development – which aims to develop an understanding of the functional properties of the ingredients found in food.
  • Contemporary Food Issues – which looks at the range of factors that can affect consumers food choices and the technological developments in food manufacturing.

Homework:  The homework given out will relate directly to whatever unit of work is being studied at the time.  The purpose of our homework is:

  • to aid and increase understanding of the work covered during class.
  • to extend knowledge of a particular topic in an effort to improve answering of exam questions.
  • to allow the class teacher to identify where pupils may not have fully understood a new concept or idea.

N.B.  All pupils participating in the production of food through any type of practical activity are expected to be responsible for the provision of the appropriate containers to carry food home in.

Assessment:  There will be both External and Internal Assessment for the coursework.

External Assessment– at the end of the course, assessment will take place externally on two components:

  • Component 1 – assignment – 50% of total mark.  This is a problem solving, product-development-type exercise, that involves using skills and knowledge acquired during the coursework to investigate a food or consumer issue.
  • Component 2 – question paper – 50% of total mark.  This will be used to assess ability to apply knowledge and understanding gained during the course.

Internal Assessment:  At the end of each unit a range of skills will be assessed relaying to the context of that particular unit.

At National 4 level an Added value Unit will assess depth of knowledge and skills for this level.

Possible progression routes upon completion of this course should be discussed with any teachers within the department.